Our Products

  • Wooden Food Boards
  • Wooden Food Boards with Add-ons
  • Wooden Plate Crates and Sharer Crates
  • Wooden Condiment Holders
  • Wooden Menu Holders
  • oak and steel risers
    Oak and Steel Risers
  • Wooden Drinks Paddles
  • Oak Crate stack
  • Wooden bar mats
    Bar Mats
  • Gastronorm Pan Shrouds
  • Menu Display A Boards
  • Magnetic Specials Board

Bespoke, personalised, solid oak products made to request

Since being founded in 2014, we’ve established ourselves as one of the UK’s leading hardwood product creators and holders of a Guild of Master Craftsmen accreditation. Much of this reputation has been achieved off the back of our bespoke commissions across of a variety of industry sectors.

We have created a remarkable range of different products that have allowed us to express our creativity whilst overcoming the unique challenges posed by each commission. We’re delighted to have been given the opportunity to work on some fascinating projects, both big and small.

Whether it was creating wooden drinks paddles for national pub chain BrewDog, an exhibition stand for The Wedding Tree, wooden food boards for Lord’s Cricket Ground or wooden business cards for Kubix Media, each project is unique, with the quality of the final product being the same high standard for every client.

Our talented team have consistently produced remarkable designs and, thanks to our state of the art laser engraving technology, we can add your branding or logo to really personalise any project. What’s more, unlike most makers of handmade wooden goods, there are no additional charges for branding you’d like included on your products*.

You can rest assured that when you’re buying from Oak&Ford, you’re buying the best. We only use sustainably sourced, American or European oak in our products (unless another type of wood is requested) which are renowned for their longevity and strength, making them the perfect source to build from, no matter if your project is an exhibition stand or simply a condiment crate.

We pride ourselves not only on the quality of our work, but also on the speed with which we can bring your idea to life and on our highly competitive pricing structure.

No matter if you want one of the above products, which have, due to repeat requests, become something of a specialty of ours, or a unique idea no one has dared to dream of creating before, let Oak&Ford be the ones to help bring your vision to reality.

*This offer is not currently extended to our gastronorm pan shrouds and oak stack crates.